Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Princess, Their Princess

In the blur of princess magic, I saw dress, blond flowing hair, a vision of elegance and beauty. Yet, it seemed eerie as to how I've known this creature from birth, yet she seemed so separate from the person I know. Sweeping in with a twirl of her skirt and a glowing smile, she took my breath away. In control of the situation, yet bowing to my every wish, I was talking to someone I didn't know. Someone from another place, another time. I felt sadness at first, wanting that recognition I always received when I saw her, and then joy to see her become so convincingly someone else. We twirled, we hugged, we posed for pictures, she in all her glory, me in my uncomfortableness in front of the camera. And then she was make someone else's dream come true.